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Hello, I am Fahmid Uddin - A

Designer & Blockchain Engineer, AI Product Creator, Full Stack Developer, and Project Manager

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Development of dynamic AI-enhanced NFTs in Solidity, blending blockchain and AI technologies.

AIBOLT Bot & NFT Ecosystem

The AIBOLT initiative represents an evolutionary leap in NFT ecosystems, boasting a vibrant array of animated SVG solar systems that interact with on-chain Events. Each AIBOLT is not just a digital asset but part of a living narrative, where the AIBOLT Bot enhances user engagement through AI-driven storytelling and personalized experiences. These NFTs evolve over time, offering a unique journey through their ever-changing universe, where stories and visual art are tokenized, encapsulating the convergence of blockchain’s immutability with AI’s imaginative prowess.

AI-Powered Web Themes: ThemeCraft

ThemeCraft, an open-source innovative web application, harnesses OpenAI's capabilities to transform natural language descriptions into customized web themes. It offers dynamic CSS generation, interactive editing, and the ability to export the final product, facilitating a unique and intuitive design experience.

Fahmid Uddin

As a seasoned Full Stack Engineer and AI & Blockchain Specialist, I have been responsible for driving the integration of cutting-edge technologies to drive innovation. After taking my software consulting company through an exit, I am now experimenting with latest technologies.

Beyond my technical expertise, I'm passionate about my dog Astro and traveling.

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